Tuesday, March 31, 2009

St. Mary's School Lab 5

I have found throughout the labs, that most of the games, with modifications, have been appropriate for the students at St. Mary’s. The different things that I have found is that you need to keep as many people active as possible. When the students are not active in the game they become bored with it and start fooling around and wanting the do something different. I feel that for the most part the games have worked pretty well. If they are not working out, the groups need to be able to make modifications on the fly. They need to be able to change it up so you have a lot of kids active, interested and involved. The games need to be modified so the students are able to do the activity, but at the same time you need to make sure they are having fun and are engaged in the game as well.

When assessing different motor skills of children, you may have to set some limitations on the activities or games that you are giving them. You want to make sure that the students are trying to do the skills properly. In that case, you do not want to rush them through the activity or skill they are trying to achieve. So if you are trying to get them to dribble a basketball properly, you may limit the class to a walking pace only and no faster than that. You want to slow the activity down and make sure everyone is properly doing the skills before you speed it up. Another limitation you may set on the students is the type of ball they use for their activities. You want to make sure the balls you are using are appropriate for their size and skill level. If the kids are working on an overhand throw, you do not want to give them a kickball. You want to give them something light that is easy for them to handle. You may give them a tennis ball or a wiffle ball. You want to make sure that the equipment is appropriate and something the students are able to easily handle.

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